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Providing Eco-friendly alternatives to single use plastic for restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, and you!

Quality Paper Straws that won't get soggy quick and fall apart and Stainless Steel Metal Straws that will last a lifetime. 

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Need a paper straw that does not get soggy and falls apart easily? check out our Eco-Friendly straws to find out. Find out why our paper straws are extremely great for your business needs. 

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These straws have been a hit amongst staff! Was pleasantly surprised to find out the paper straw I've left in my beverage overnight still kept its shape the next day and did not fall apart.

Lynea D. (Ecology Center)

The paper straws are great, we love them! Can't wait to see the new metal straws!

Allison D. (Teaspressa)

Having been using Panda Buu's straws for our restaurant and are very pleased by how well the straws held. Not to mention that they are eco-friendly and great for the environment.

Tomas R. (National Hotel)


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