About Us

What is Panda Buu?

Panda Buu is an online store providing Eco-Friendly alternatives to single use plastics for restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, and individuals like you!

What we stand for?

We stand behind our mission to help protect the environment and reduce the amount of plastic pollution entering our landfills, waterways and oceans.

We take pride in our product, our customers, and our customer service.

We believe each transaction goes beyond just a sold product. We are a community that supports one another. By collectively taking small steps towards a greener future, we CAN make a difference.

How we got started

Founded in 2018, Kim was tired of seeing single use plastic all over our streets, freeways, parks, beaches, lakes, and oceans. Thus in February 2018 she took matters into her own hand and did something about it. Kim wanted to bring quality Eco-friendly products into the market as well as bringing affordability to others. She knew balancing high quality Eco-friendly products while being affordable wouldn’t be an easy task. Understanding that higher quality means higher prices. After much trail and error, Kim has finally found the solution and has branded it under Panda Buu.  

Today, Panda Buu is continuing to grow as it continues to provide impeccable Eco-friendly products and service.